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Trust in the Machine: State of the Union

Because there are no boring cars.

We will start our inaugural state of the union address where all inaugural states of the unions should start: a funeral. On Friday, December 6th, 2019, TEN Publishing sent a memo around to their staff notifying them that the print editions for 19 of their 22 automotive magazines would be halted indefinitely.

Included in that list is Automobile Magazine, a publication that, along with Car and Driver, Road & Track, and Autoweek is as responsible for helping me to learn how to read as Dr. Seuss...

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There's only one shade of grey.

Rothsport, what have you done?!

If you were ever on the fence regarding the entire practice of turning back the clock on the later 911SCs or 964s, this car makes a bulletproof case. Put together by some collection of mad geniuses at Rothsport Motorsports nestled in the Willamette Valley, this 1991 example has been back-dated to 1973 Carrera steel widebody panels with a set of carbon fiber bumpers and a carbon fiber hood. The sleek, pre-Milli Vanilli-era body panels and tidy trim have an opportunity to grace a more modern chassis. It’s downright imposing from the profile and rear three-quarters view – Porsche mastered the fender flares back in the early 70s, and with the chin mounted oil cooler and ducktail. The 275 section rear tires protrude from the fenders and are half exposed when you’re following the car, just exuding that race car cool in a Steve McQueen kind of way....

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Radwood Austin

These are my people.

Radwood isn’t just this excuse to don a mullet wig, fuel up your automotive irony, and head out to a racetrack in suburban Austin just past the acres of urban cooperative farming stereotypes. Believe me, I’m mad at myself for having to admit it’s given me some new perspective to understand the Boomer obsession with the Eisenhower years. I’ll beg your forgiveness another day, because Radwood made me feel something that I wasn’t sure I could feel as a post-recession Millennial:


But first, I should address how we arrived...

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