Trust in the Machine: State of the Union

Because there are no boring cars.

We will start our inaugural state of the union address where all inaugural states of the unions should start: a funeral. On Friday, December 6th, 2019, TEN Publishing sent a memo around to their staff notifying them that the print editions for 19 of their 22 automotive magazines would be halted indefinitely.

Included in that list is Automobile Magazine, a publication that, along with Car and Driver, Road & Track, and Autoweek is as responsible for helping me to learn how to read as Dr. Seuss...

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A Targa for a Bubble

We travel back to 1989.

Let's say, for example, instead of whatever innumerable baccalaureate accolades you have achieved over the duration of your young life, you graduated with just a undergraduate degree in finance from Kyoto University in March of 1982. You did pretty well in comparison to some of your peers, finding yourself heavily recruited by some of the 900-pound gorillas in the finance industry. After some difficult consideration and evaluation of multiple offers, you have decided - along with some of your classmates - to move to Tokyo to start an entry-level junior analyst role at Fuji Bank in the summer.

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Kyanite Blue and The Thousand Word Jaguar Experiment

Before and After driving an XKR

My dad likes Jaguars. He never owned one. But he likes them. For a dyed-in-the-wool Oldsmobile guy, that’s high praise. And not just the Series I, covered-headlight, Alphabet-Soup-Types Don Draper hawked in that show I definitely tell people I’ve watched. No, he had a thing for the Ford-era Jaguars – the 1990s XKs, the one that played a supporting role in the third installment of the Austin Powers series. Neat.

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