Into the Gila

Excuse me, bear?

When our fearless rally leader, Andy, decided it was time to play in the dirt again for the 2019 iteration of Dustball Rally Diverted, I was eager to pull out and charge all 439 batteries that operate my camera gear. This time we're headed to New Mexico to explore the Gila National Forest. 

My mission for this trip was to create a teaser video of sorts to help recruit potential participants for the main excursion. 
I loaded up my father/wheelman, filled the FJ with the finest 87 octane and tried my best to chase a classic Range Rover with a madman behind the wheel.  



2053 Miles


You'd think by now, we would be tired of grueling road trips through the desert. I'm happy to report, we aren't. 

Dustball Rally once again raises the bar on road rallies. It further proves that it isn't about what kind of car you drive, but rather what you do with that car. Click the link below to experience what this year's main event from El Paso's finest was all about. 



Green with Envy

We give a German handcrafted V8 BiTurbo a go.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of a freshly modified Mercedes AMG GT-R in what we consider to be the only color that should be available for this car. American Body Works in Lewisville, TX was in charge of the modifications of this not-so-subtle Merc, so naturally it looks, sounds and feels like it should've from the factory. 



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